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[REL] Raym's Simple Mana Regeneration

PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2012 4:01 pm
by Raym
Another personal mod released for everyone to enjoy (?), thanks to Jac help in scripting! :D

Basically, this Magicka regeneration mod will add a Restore Magicka Ability to your character, based on her/his Willpower score (wheter natural, fortified, damaged, etc.). Simple, lightweight, functional. ;)

Readme below:


The Elder Scrolls III
Simple Magicka Regeneration



1. Description
2. Installation
3. Known Issues
4. Credits and Usage




This is a different take on Magicka regeneration mods.

Instead of using a script to factor in a number of variables and modify the current Magicka of the character, this mod uses a very simple and light script that adds Restore Magicka Abilities, based on the Willpower of the character.

The script only checks the character's Willpower score once every 5 seconds: that's precise enough for this mod function, and avoids slowing down the CPU.

Based on the character's Willpower, the script adds a single Ability that will restore her/his Magicka. Since the effect is costant, the character will regain Magicka even when waiting/resting; generally, just waiting for 1 hour ingame will replenish Magicka to full.

There are 9 "steps" of regeneration.
- Willpower 49 or less: You gain no Magicka regeneration (the same applies for a character with Stunted Magicka: Atronach Birtsign, for example. Though why you would load a mod as this while playing a character with Stunted Magicka is beyond me).
- Willpower 50 to 79: You gain 1 point of Restore Magicka Ability.
- Willpower 80 to 99: You gain 2 points of Restore Magicka Ability.
- Willpower 100 to 119: You gain 3 points of Restore Magicka Ability.
- Willpower 120 to 139: You gain 4 points of Restore Magicka Ability.
- Willpower 140 to 159: You gain 5 points of Restore Magicka Ability.
- Willpower 160 to 179: You gain 6 points of Restore Magicka Ability.
- Willpower 180 to 199: You gain 7 points of Restore Magicka Ability.
- Willpower 200 or above: You gain 8 points of Restore Magicka Ability.

So, any score higher than 200 will give you no benefit. I had to draw the line somewhere, and I think that values above that are unlikely in a normal game (without cheating, that is).

The mod *does* take Fortify Willpower spell effects into consideration, both Costant Effect enchantmens and temporary spells, blessings, or whatever. The same applies for effects that lower Willpower, like Drain/Damage spells, Diseases, and so on.
Since the script checks for changes in the Willpower score only once every 5 seconds, there could be a little delay before the Magicka regeneration is adjusted; I don't think this is a problem, and in my opinion it's a good tradeoff for a much increased performance.

As for balance issues, that's really a matter of personal taste. In my opinion, the rate is decent, without being unbalancing; and it gives Willpower a reason to exist.
Same goes for not using some formula to calculate your total Magicka, and set the Magicka regeneration based on it. In my opinion, Magicka regeneration is fine with an absolute value; it's not like Restore Health potions or spells in the game calculate your total Hitpoints to decide how much they will heal you, isn't it?

All in all, it's a matter of personal preferences.
I generally release mods I make for personal use, first of all: you don't like this, don't use it, simple as that. After all, there are lots of other similar mod out to choose from. ;)




Just drop the plugin in your "Morrowind/Data Files" directory, check it so the game loads it, and you're done.
The mod is clean and only requires Morrowind.

You don't need to start a new game for the mod to work: as soon as you load a game, the new script will start to work its magic (pun intended).

You may still want to backup your saves: it's good policy when you add mods to an existing game, no matter what.




There shouldn't be any problems with this mod: it just adds a start script and 8 Abilities.

Of course, this is most likely NOT compatible with any other mod that adds Magicka regeneration to the player character. This includes mods with a far larger scope, like Galsiah's Character Development (GCD).

As I wrote above, the script is intentionally "slow to react", so you may notice it takes a few seconds for it to "notice" that your Willpower has been fortified or damaged. I don't think this is an issue, anyway.




The idea for this mod came, of course, by the many mods of the same kind out there. More precisely, I started modifing one by Assman a long while ago; only recently I decided I had enough of the script not noticing when I was waiting/resting, and thought of using Abilities instead of scripted changes to current Magicka.

The biggest thanks are for Jac: without his help with the script, this mod wouldn't be out for all to enjoy. My scripting skills are worth a dime, so the script it's pretty much all Jac's work.

And as always, my thanks to the people at Wolflore ( for advice, support and just being the way they are. Love you, folks ;)

As for usage terms: do with this as you please, no need to ask me (well, credit is always nice and costs nothing). :)

Re: [REL] Raym's Simple Mana Regeneration

PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2012 4:11 pm
by Elaura
Just what i needed, just when I needed it. My magica was at half last time I saved and it was bugging me that in my current setup, it will never go up unless I take a potion. Now, it will!

Re: [REL] Raym's Simple Mana Regeneration

PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2012 4:17 pm
by Jac
"Are you a mage? Do you go about Vvardenfell tossing fireballs and snow cones like nobody's business? Is your magic pool so large you can rent it out for parties? Does the thought of carrying around a heavily scripted mod to restore that gods given pool give you shivers? Then this mod is for you! For the low, low price of a few CPU cycles, you can keep that mana flowing and those electrifying fingers buzzing. Don't let a simple problem like your well running dry stop you from summoning scamps to do your dirty work! Grab this mod and never again worry about the price of a quality restore magicka potion.

Supplies limited! Act today!

Not responsible for feelings of inferiority for people born under the sign of the Atronach. Next time lie about what sign you were born under.

Re: [REL] Raym's Simple Mana Regeneration

PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:19 pm
by neildarkstar
Great! I can't resist a good deal... Say, Jac, didn't I buy a used Studebaker from you once?

Re: [REL] Raym's Simple Mana Regeneration

PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2012 9:29 pm
by Jac
I don't remember ever owning a Studebaker. :whistling:

Re: [REL] Raym's Simple Mana Regeneration

PostPosted: Sat Dec 29, 2012 10:02 pm
by YX33A
Sometimes the best versions are the simplest. And since this can recheck my willpower often, I can use this and Avenge Your Death easy enough.
Still trying to figure out some of my mods, though. But at least this one is simple and effective.
/me downloads and dumps another mod which works via percentages

Though I do have a lot of mana. Like, around 1500+ on every character I make now. At level 1.(long story)
Kind of wish I could rent it out for money. At least then I'd have a constant source of income.

Actually, and while this is off topic, does anyone know of a mod where I can get a constant source of income independent of merchants and normal hack slash cast income style? Like, buying stocks, or having your own shop.
I remember two mods for oblivion which allowed me to make money without running around killing everything. One was somewhat buggy, the other required me to stock merchandise in my own store, which meant I had to do the ol' hack slash cast now and then(plus I only sold some things every day), but the profit margin was better the trying to find people who had enough gold to buy my fancy junk.

Actually, maybe I'll try and code up a mod which does allow one to rent out your magic reserves for money. And a way to buy mana off of mages.
Damn, that'd be cool.

Re: [REL] Raym's Simple Mana Regeneration

PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2012 6:55 am
by Raym
Glad you enjoy this. :)

Uhm, there are a few mods for what you ask... mostly focused on things like building up a business and making money out of it.
For wizards, Antares Big Mod allows you to teach skills and spells to other members of the Mages Guild when you have some rank.