Peric in The Flowing Bowl

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Peric in The Flowing Bowl

Postby neildarkstar » Mon Jan 30, 2012 10:10 pm

By Neildarkstar

This story is a tease for the next installment of the proposed trilogy that began with "The Witchery of Dahlua" that will hopefully be released before long. It's also something of a tease for Oblivion players who may be surprised to discover that they can't buy beverages in Anvil at any store, pub, or Inn, unless they have a mod that adds the possibility..

The Flowing Bowl

Peric had stood on the dock watching as the ship bearing Tsero and Samaial to their new lives sailed into the setting sun. Finally, when the ship had sailed into the horizon, he turned and walked back along the Anvil dock toward the city gates.

As in most northern ports, the temperature also quickly sank, and Peric shivered slightly in the chill night air. He loved the sights and sounds of the docks, ships arriving from or heading to far lands, the cry of the sea birds, and the smell of the salt air. All of these stimulated his soul with their promise of mystery and adventure.

As he walked, the thought of a warm fire, a flagon of ale, and a hot meal sounded like a small bit of heaven, so when he came to a pub's signboard bearing the name "The Flowing bowl" he went in without hesitation.

The interior of the pub was dimly lit, but a fireplace added a warm ruddy glow, and Peric saw the few patrons in the large mainroom looking back at him. Hhe studied the room a moment before walking to the rough counter where the publican waited on his clientele.

As he stepped up to the counter, the publican looked up with a smile and greeted him.

"Good evening, sera, and welcome to the Flowing Bowl. I am Maenlorn. My twin Caenlorn and I own this establishment, so whatever you need just ask me or the fellow who looks just like me. What can I get for you?"

Peric looked at the Bosmer's smiling face and almost laughed. It had been a while since anyone had greeted him so warmly.

"Well, ...Maenlorn, I'd like an ale and a cut of that delicious-looking roast I see there on the warming platter."

Maenlorn looked momentarily nervous, but replied with a smile, "I'll gladly get you the roast and a plate of vegetables, but I'm afraid we don't serve ale here. Nor indeed, any beverages at all."

Peric looked around the room again, and pointed out that there were bottles and tankards at nearly every seat in the house. "You didn't sell the other patrons food and drink?"

Maenlorn looked uncomfortable, but answered in a placating tone. "We are trying a new style of service. It's called byob. That is "Bring Your Own Bottle". All of the drinks you see were brought in by the customers, and we serve only the food."

Thinking it over, Peric could not help but wonder aloud to Maenlorn, "You have a pub, you sell good food, and unless I'm mistaken, you have a still in the back corner of the room... but you do not see the profit in selling drink to customers who eat here? What becomes of the spirits you make using the still?"

Appearing from the nearby stairway, Caenlorn spoke up. "We sell it to other taverns in the area that are on the Gold Coast Road between Anvil and Kvatch. You see, those taverns will pay more to have it delivered there than customers here are willing to pay."

Peric thought a moment, and reached a decision. "Okay, I'll just do without drink, and have the meal. The roast looks juicy enough. Can I rent a bed for the night?"

Caenlorn looked at Peric ruefully, and informed him that, while they did indeed have a couple of rooms, they rented only to ship's officers serving on ships currently in port. "There is an inn called "The Fo'c's'le" a bit farther down the docks, but they rent only to seamen. They don't have food or drink in any case. Rumor has it that they sell other... delectables."

This was Peric'a first visit to Anvil, and he was beginning to think it would be his last. "Is there anyplace in Anvil where I can purchase food and drink and rent a bed for the night?"

Caenlorn looked distraught, "Well, no. You can go to "The Count's Arms" in the main part of town, and get food and a bed, but they don't sell drink either. In fact, you can buy alchemical potions in Anvil, but there is no drink to be had anywhere in town." He smiled sadly at Peric, and continued. "The nearest place where you can have bed, food, and drink all together is "The Brina Cross Inn" at the top of the hill going toward Kvatch. It's about an hours walk from here, and uphill all the way..."

Maenlorn took Peric's arm, and led him toward a table near the fire. "Now you just set here for a bit, and I'll be right back with the best food in Anvil! Uhhmm... Would you mind paying in advance? Sometimes customers choke while eating, and with no drink...."

Peric's hand strayed toward the hilt of his katana, and Maenlorn hurriedly added, "Well, never you mind, paying when you're finished will be fine. Just fine, really..."

As Peric leaned down to ease himself into a chair, a Dark Brotherhood assassin chose that moment to attack. The assassin opened his assault with a thrown dagger. Maenlorn's eyes bulged as the small blade flashed past his nose, and buried it's tip in the wall behind Peric's head.

A rasp of steel announced the drawing of the assassin's blade, as Peric abruptly stood upending the table in front of him.

He caught the assassin's blade on his staff as he kicked the table into the man's knees and drew his katana for a disemboweling slash at the assassin's unprotected midsection.

The dying killer stumbled backwards with only his armor holding his intestines in place, and Peric's backhanded return neatly removed the man's head.

Peric walked over to the dead man, and picked up the man's small sack of belongings. After rummaging about in it, he pulled out a flask of mead, and walked to a nearby table. With his teeth, he pulled the cork from the bottle and spat it toward Maenlorn, saying "So...Thanks to Lucien, I don't have to go thirsty through supper. Now, Maenlorn, where's that roast?"
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Re: Peric in The Flowing Bowl

Postby DARoot » Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:25 pm

Very Good, Neildarkstar!

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