Vera Blanc and the Queen of Kor (PG-13)

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Vera Blanc and the Queen of Kor (PG-13)

Postby fleet » Thu Dec 19, 2013 4:31 pm

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In this fan-made visual novel (inspired by the H. Rider Haggard adventure novel, She), private investigators Vera Blanc and Brandon Mackey accept a case to find a missing person. Their search takes them to Africa, where they encounter false trails, pirates, bandits, and a mysterious "lost kingdom" in the African interior, ruled for thousands of years by the beautiful and strangely ageless Ayesha, Queen of Kor.
Neither Vera nor Brandon, alone, can resist the mental and physical powers that Ayesha commands, to serve her own ends. At least, not without the help of you, the Player.
Prepare yourselves for high adventure, and possibly learn a few interesting things along the way.
[Watch for historical and literary references to the original novel, particularly in the names of the minor characters].
This visual novel offers seven (7) different endings, depending on the choices you, the Player, make.
[No animals or trees were harmed during the production of this VN].

Technical stuff: This stand alone visual novel requires Windows XP or higher on a computer with DirectX9. The compressed file contains an executable file. Some browser (such as Google chrome) might give a false indication that it is a virus. The file is safe to download.
Playing time to find all seven endings is about an hour.
This is the PG13 release. It contains partial nudity.
Why? I like big ones, that's why.
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