[Relz] Donations to the Gods

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[Relz] Donations to the Gods

Postby Slaanesh » Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:26 pm

This mod makes the following Npcs take donations of values of 1000, 10000, and 100000.

EDIT: As requested here is additional information. This mod was made on request for a person that simply wanted a way to rid themselves of copious amounts of money. That is all this mod does. Provides a lore-friendly way to get rid of money without dropping it on the ground. There is no reward or effects from donating, other than self-gratification. Just needed to clear that up.
Methal Seran
Feldrelo Sadri
Uvoo Llaren
Mehra Drora
Tharer Rotheloth
Nerile Andaren
Galero Andaram
Dileno Lloran

Imperial Cult:
Ruccia Conician
Lalatia Varian
Iulus Truptor
Syloria Siruliulus
Chaplain Ogrul
Somutis Vunnis
Crito Olcinius
Aunius Autrus

Talk to one of them and you will be able to donate money to their respect faction.

Extra to Morrowind/Datafiles.
Enable the plug-in in the launch screen.

Feel free to modify this mod, just give me credit for it's creation.

You can contact me at: slaaneshthecorruptor@gmail.com
Or on GHF by "Slaanesh"
Or on my website:http://slaaneshsmorrowind.weebly.com/morrowind-mods.html
Or on here :D
Donations to The Gods.rar
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