[Relz] Throttlekitty's IcxthSword: Morrowind Edition!

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[Relz] Throttlekitty's IcxthSword: Morrowind Edition!

Postby Slaanesh » Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:29 pm

This mod adds see-through sword to "Addadshashanammu, Shrine", on the alter below the statue.
It is long-blade, singe handed.

I didn't make this mod, it was originally made for Oblivion by ThrottleKitty,
Then downgraded to morrowind BY Me, Slaanesh the Corruptor. I take no credit for the models or textures, only the esp and icon.
i made only the esp to play them in morrowind. Her original readme is included in this file,
and i also conformed to her wishes of keeping the name "Icxth".

---How To install---
extract somewhere and copy and paste files into morrowind directory. Then enable icxth, morrowind edition.esp in launcher.

This mod may be altered as long as it abides by the original authors readme and the readme is included in the download.

I am NOT responsible for damage to your morrowind game, folders, hard drive, or any other part of your computer. I'm
not responsible for seizures or loss of memory.

---Side note---
I hope everyone enjoys this sword as much as i have, i really like it :D


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On here.
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Icxth, Morrowind Edition.rar
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