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Kagz Play As An Ant

Postby Kagz » Fri Oct 21, 2011 5:10 pm

..............PLAY AS AN ANT MOD................

..........Only Morrowind Is Requ. For This Mod..........

Aright this is another for fun mod.
What this mod does is gives you armour,
that will change you into an ant.
As with the ostrich mod, this is no fantastic
armour value mod,just a fun mod.

There are 2 sets of armour,one is for a normal ant
and the other is for a soldier ant.
The armour is marked, so you will know which is which.
I have put in 2 sets of legs,
although the legs fit both ants.
I have also put in 2 new weapons,a Soldier Ant Sword
and an Ant Staff.
You can find the armour and weapons along with some ants,
who you can talk to,somewhere in the grazelands.
A clue is 8, ?.

I want to thank my very good friend Mighty Joe Young,
for making the models,excellent work as always,
from the master of meshes.

Extract the mod to data files there should be no probs.
The mod is 1.69 Meg unz. and only Morrowind is requ.
This mod cleaned with TESAME.
WINRAR is requ to download this mod.

You can contact me at ravenfife@lycos.com

Have fun and enjoy.

(1.03 MiB) Downloaded 20 times

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