KAGZ Trophy/Plaque Resource

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KAGZ Trophy/Plaque Resource

Postby Kagz » Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:13 pm

...............................KAGZ Trophy/Plaque Resource.................................


This is a Modders Resource only,
it places nothing ingame.


Ok, this mod gives modders 17 trophy/plaques,
to use in mods, or own game or whatever.

I chopped up a lot of the game monsters,
that had suitable heads for the objective,
in 3DS Max and mounted them on wall plaques
and sitting trophies.
I couldnt do all the monsters due to the shape of the head,
or no discernable head, or ghost etc etc.
I also tried to stay away from the too "human looking" type,
eg: the zombies etc, so as to try to not offend too many.
In saying that i had to do Vivec, as he was the reason,
for the whole mod, initially.
So i have made two of him, one in the Daedric style,
(thanks to jac for the idea) and one on gold.

Now,a few of the wall plaques, have very small parts
of the head mesh, poking thru the back.
I tried to delete it, but it deletes part of the head also.
Its not that bad tho and can be easily hidden,
when the plaque is put on a wall or whatever.

I changed all the textures to .dds,
to cut down the size and filed them all,
in a KAGZ folder.
Also set all the stuff up as statics,
in cell .........mn in the CS,
you can set them as you like.

Not a lot more to say except, thanks to the folks at Wolflore,
who supported me with the mod.
Big thanks to neildarkstar for being the official tester.:D
Thanks to Beth for the meshes and tex and thanks to me,
for all the Max work. :D

You are welcome to use these props in your mods,
a mention would be great.

The mod is 3.71 Meg installed and 1.8 Meg Rar'ed.
The mod was cleaned with TESAME.

Some shots from the CS.






Kagz Trophy Mod.rar
(1.79 MiB) Downloaded 99 times

You can contact me at ravenfife@lycos.com
or at Wolflore Forums or my Kagz Artz forum.

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Re: KAGZ Trophy/Plaque Resource

Postby DARoot » Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:47 pm

Nice job, Kagz!
They look really good in-game.
Thanks for making them, and for sharing.


Re: KAGZ Trophy/Plaque Resource

Postby tealpanda » Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:57 pm

Very nice looking! Makes me want to go out hunting golden saints...
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