Caregiving - or - Russian nesting dolls

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Re: Caregiving - or - Russian nesting dolls

Postby neildarkstar » Mon Jul 13, 2015 2:18 pm

Aclholics tend to have an"addictive personality" so they are easily addicted to whatever they happen to get hold of. No booze? No problem, as long as there's after shave, pain meds, uppers, downers, mood elevators or mydol. On the bright side, I've always found alcoholics much easier to take AFTER they pass out...
I did have a Latino friend who was alcoholic, and he nearly drove me crazy.

He'd come over to my house at 2 am after the bars closed, drunk off his butt, an he'd say "I jus' wanna tell you ONE more thing amigo..." but he'd never tell me what the one thing was, and it'd take all night for him to not tell me. Then I'd have to go to work... I loved him like a brother though. When I was in high school, he was my best friend's uncle. 'Course this coming to my house was after I was married and out on my own, and my buddy was killed on his 21st birthday. So for Pete (the uncle), I was all the connection he really had to Johnny (my best friend). He'd sit and cry about Johnny, and damn if he didn't get me to cry with him sometimes...
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