Vera Blanc and the Silver Mine Specter - PG13

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Vera Blanc and the Silver Mine Specter - PG13

Postby fleet » Tue Aug 06, 2013 3:48 pm
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Vera Blanc and the Silver Mine Specter, PG-13 version 2013

This is a fan-made visual novel.

Take on the role of Vera Blanc, a beautiful young woman with the extraordinary ability to read other people's minds!
Daughter of Emmanuel Blanc, one of the richest people on Earth, Vera left her life of luxury to work alongside paranormal detective Brandon Mackey. Vera Blanc immerses you in the world of the supernatural as you play the detective!

In this game Vera Blanc and her partner Brandon Mackey travel to Texas at the request of a young woman to find her missing brother, who was seeking a lost silver mine. What happened to him? Will you be able to solve the mystery?

The game ending you get depends on choices you make. Game play includes a challenging mini-game.

This is an original story, based on the Vera Blanc and Brandon Mackey characters, created by winterwolves games (characters used with permission).

Version 2013, remade 99% of the graphics, added more to the story, to include one additional ending.
Version 2, added improved Save/Load interface

Running the game in windows vista/7 with medium display settings is NOT recommended.

If you encounter text truncation (Vista/Windows 7) reset the font in your preferences to the default.


Story by fleet Beta tested by Peg and DaRoot

Models are from Daz Studio 3 D web site and most-digital-creations web site; credit to original creators.

Some clothes are by evilinnocence

The compressed file contains an exe file, which your anti-virus might give a false alert.

If you get a message about needing a dll file, you can get it at

Terms of use:

By installing, you, the end user, agree to the following terms of this agreement:

The game author(s), expressly disclaim any warranty, expressed or implied, and accepts no responsibility for the quality or reliability of any of the games offered. They accept no responsibility for any damages to you, your computer, or any other property, person, or corporation which results, directly or indirectly, from the downloading of, installation of, compilation of, and use of the game.

You are not authorized to upload this game to any other site for sharing without specific permission from the author(s).

Uncompress the compressed file using 7zip, winzip, winrar, or your favorite archiver. You may install the game in any folder on your hard drive.
To run the game, run the vera-silverminev2013-pg.exe file.

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