Original stories written by Elaura, based on the Tolkien universe.
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  • Please use this thread to post questions or comments concerning this forum and/or my writing in general.
  • Use the Series Summary thread to post comments on the "Typically Atypical" series as a whole, the Book Table of Contents threads to comment on the individual books as a whole, and the Chapter threads to post comments about the individual chapters.
  • In my writings, I generally use italics to indicate thoughts or conversations going on inside a character's own mind. Spoken words are enclosed in quotation marks as per usual.
  • For Tolkien-related works language translations are in-line and enclosed in brackets as follows:

    [S: ] - is a translation of the written Sindarin
    [Q: ] - Quenya
    [K: ] - Khuzdul (Dwarvish)
    [BS: ] - Black Speech
    [R: ] - Rohirric
  • Other languages should be apparent from the context. Please understand I am not a linguist. My grammar and syntax in English is fair enough, but in the other languages I use, I would never presume to be an expert. They are used for effect, though I tried to be as accurate as possible.
  • I avoid using underline when posting online to avoid confusion. Any underlined words and phrases should be links, however, depending on your browser and settings, not all links will be underlined.
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