Starfire's NPC Additions - lite version.

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Starfire's NPC Additions - lite version.

Postby Jac » Sat Dec 17, 2011 2:21 am

Over on the officials, JH2011 asked for a "lite" version of Starfire's NPC Additions mod that removed the vampires and Dark Brotherhood members from towns and removed all NPCs from the wilderness areas. Since it was a simple request, I made a version for him. The only NPCs you should find outside of towns are a few pilgrims near The Fields of Kumma and the Koal Cave, all of the other NPCs are in the towns, cities, and Ashlander camps. If you're currently using Starfire's version, you'll need to replace it with mine and rebuild your level lists. I wasn't planning on officially releasing this, but I'm putting it up here in case anybody wants it. All credit goes to Starfire and Neo (from MCA for his scripts).

Starfire lite.7z
Updated version that fixed a few errors with leveled lists.
(92.23 KiB) Downloaded 1424 times
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