[REL] Lightning strike

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[REL] Lightning strike

Postby Jac » Mon Apr 01, 2013 3:33 pm

I don't know how i forgot this one. :oops:

The Elder Scrolls III
MORROWIND: Lightning Strike


1. Summary
2. Features
3. Requirements
4. Installation
5. Using the mod
6. Known Issues
7. Use in other mods
8. Un-installation
9. Credits
10. Contact info
11. Version history

You now have a customizable chance of being shocked (hit by lightning) while walking around outside in a thunderstorm. The actual strike place is random, but will only happen in the cell you're currently in.

The mod has a customizable chance of causing damage to any one in an area of effect while walking in a thunderstorm. The damage and area of effect can be changed by modifying an in game spell or via an included configuration ring. There is a 20 second cool down after a strike to prevent multiple strikes from happening.

Morrowind and Tribunal due to a script command used to cause the shock damage.

Extract the file jac_lightning_strike.esp to your main Data Files folder.
Extract the \Data Files\Meshes\Mireneye folder to your Data Files\Meshes folder. Note that the old lightning mesh is located in the Original lightning bolt\Meshes\Mireneye folder.
Extract the \Data Files\Textures\Mireneye to your Data Files\Texture folder.
Click the mod in the Morrowind Data Files launcher.

The default chance of being hit is 20%. To change this chance, equip the configuration ring.

You can read more information on how to install mods here: http://www.elderscrolls.com/forums/inde ... &p=1772866

Note: if you're upgrading, you may receive a warning message about a spell missing. You can safely ignore it, it shouldn't return after the upgrade.

5. Using the mod
Just install and walk around in a thunderstorm.

The spell used has an area effect of 5, which means that it will hit anything nearbye when it "strikes".

Magic and/or shock resistance may negate or reduce the damage done by the strikes. Conversely, weakness to shock may increase the damage done. Those using the Atronach birth sign may find the damage absorbed as magic energy. The actual energy absorbed should be minuscule.

Because this mod uses a shock spell to provide the damage, a shock visual effect is used when a strike hits.

Permission is given to use in another mod, but please give me credit and include this readme. C_Mireneye has given his permission to use the mesh and texture. No credit or contact is needed.

Uncheck the mod from the Morrowind launcher and click past any error messages about a script, ring or mesh & texture missing.

Bethesda for creating the game.
Fliggerty for helping with the scripting and suggesting the ExplodeSpell command.
The authors and contributors of the Morrowind Scripting for Dummies manual.
Mireneye for the lightning mesh and texture.
Qawsed Asap for helping beta test.
BB_slayer for the new lightning mesh and for some minor fixes to the mod.

You may contact me either via email at gulfwulf@gmail.com or via GHF or the official forums under the username "Jac". If you email me, please put "lightning strike" somewhere in the message title or I may delete it as spam.


Initial release.

Added customizable variable shock chance.

Fixed the random shock chance function.
Added lightning mesh and texture by Mireneye.
Added a function to randomly place the strikes.
Added one of the thunderstorm sounds to the strike.

Added a configuration ring. Equip it to set the shock chance and power level.
Added three power levels (light: 1-6 damage; medium: 12-18 damage; heavy: 20-26 damage).

Fixed the damage done configuration system.

Fixed a conflict with my Jasmine mod.

Add fixes and a new mesh by bbslayer.

Lightning bolt 1.jpg

Lightning bolt 2.jpg

Lightning bolt 3.jpg

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Re: [REL] Lightning strike

Postby Drakkmore » Mon Apr 01, 2013 8:19 pm

I love this mod It is in my Must have to play category. Great job on it Jac.
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Re: [REL] Lightning strike

Postby Elaura » Mon Apr 01, 2013 9:11 pm

How very random of you, Drakk! Good to see you, though. This is one of my favorite of Jac's mods, too. This one and one he made for me to stop my targets from psychically knowing when I've accepted a writ to assassinate them. Now, if I can just convince that guard in Dagon Fel I didn't steal that fork from Arrille's Tradehouse, I'd be set. ;)
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